Just before the holidays I got a call from one of my editors asking me for a favor. Now usually that’s followed up by a last minute cover request with a quick turn around time. Instead, she opened by telling me her request was rather unconventional. With the holiday season shortening many of the deadlines, regular Batwoman artist Jeremy Haun came up with a neat solution to that problem.

In the issue, Batwoman is falling from a building sending her subconscious through her past. Using a series of double pagers, we get a visual representation of that. The idea was for me to come in for the double page spreads, collaborating with Jeremy’s art. I drew the dream sequence while working in Jeremy’s art of Kate in free fall. I was hesitant at how this would work so I asked if I could read the script first. Marc Andreyko wrote a pretty stellar issue packed with great visual moments. Even with the tight deadline, this collaboration sounded fun so I was game.

The art process was surprisingly easy. Jeremy sent me a set of images depicting Batowman/Kate free falling which I worked into my layouts as shown above. At this point I pretty much do all my layouts digitally. Having just picked up a Wacom Companion, I decided to do the “pencils” digitally. I printed that out with 15% opacity on a bristol board and inked and toned it with watercolor traditionally. From there, I scanned the artwork and assembled it with Jeremy’s illustrations of Kate falling. One of the other reasons I took on the gig, was the chance to color my own pages. I’ve colored my covers before but these will be my first interiors. I love new challenges and always welcome an opportunity to learn and improve. Deadline aside, Batwoman was a pleasurable experience. Much thanks to the Batwoman team for allowing me to be a small part of it.

This issue of Batwoman should be on the stands at the end of January.

Thanks for reading!


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