Flash #5 brings to a close our first story arc with the book. Here’s a selection of pages from the issue to entice you to go out and grab it if you still haven’t.

Did anyone notice the ice chunks with Captain Colds foot prints on the title double pager? :)


Just a little creators commentary on this issue. I’m actually quite surprised that most folks didn’t realize that the foot prints on the ice in the title spread didn’t register to some folks that it’s Captain Colds. If you track the art in the story, on page 3 you’ll notice that Captain Cold left behind quite a trail. In the 2nd and last panel panel (the image that is framing the page) you’ll see that ice is wrapping around the rocks which Captain Cold used to walk down the rock (which you see some other inmates are using to escape, but some are slipping :) . In pages 4-5 which has flash running through ice chunks which captain cold used to walk to land. Lastly on page 6 last panel you’ll see some ice chunks drifting to shore. We needed to show that Captain Cold escaped Iron Heights in this issue, however with a lot of stuff to wrap up in the arc, we simply had no room. So I thought sprinkling evidence of his escape route in the background and in some cases right on the title, I thought would do the job. Anyways, that’s about it, just wanted to add some insight into the thought process of the storytelling. Hope you guys enjoyed the issue.

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    Love this!!
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    From Francis Manapul's blog: One of the things that I love about this run is the Eisner-style title credits. You can see...
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    been pure fun and enjoyment since issue one. A true example
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    I. ADORE. THIS. MAN’S. STYLE. I wish it’d be possible to become his apprentice, or something. UGH. I just love his Flash...
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